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house lawmakers would vote on a republican plan but it won't happen because it fails to yield as much money as thought. so first thing this morning, it is back to the drawing board for republicans to come up with an alternative plan. the august 2nd deadline is standing when the government could begin to default on bills. and that could have a trickle down effect on all of us in the form of higher interest rates on the mortgages, credit card bills and car payments. >> to have a default would be a very, very serious event. not for the united states alone, but for the global economy at large. >> reporter: so in just a few hours, lawmakers will be back at it again. still no close to reaching a deal. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. news time 6:30. font a meeting will be held to discuss congressional redistricting in our state. the meet something being hosted by the legislative black caucus starting at 7 at student center
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at morgan state university. making news, investigators are trying to determine what caused a massive fire in california. plumes of thick black smoke could be seen for miles after containers at a plastics plants caught fire on the san francisco bay. the plume reached 9,000 feet in the air and took firefighters about 3 hours to get the whole thing contained. this morning police in new york are trying to track down two suspects wanted in a robbery. look at it caught on tape. here you can see surveillance video from the jewelry store in brooklyn. police say the two suspects entered the store and opened fire on the owner. they took off with an unknown amount of jewelry. the store owner was rushed to the hospital. he is exexpected to be okay. in -- expected to be okay. in seattle a landscaper takes on a robber. randall says one morning he heard a noise and found a man dragging some of his landscaping tools across the bed of his truck. >> so i jumped out off the porch and holler at him and he decided to come down out of the back of my truck on top of me
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so we wrestled about. and then the altercation went to the street where i threw him down on the asphalt and lisa my girlfriend came out with the baseball bat and it's him inchoke hold and she start to beat him with the bat. >> there's one more thing in the story. dykstra and his girlfriend they were in the buff. no clothes on. the 46-year-old suspect was booked on suspicion of robbery. this day in history bomb killed one and injured more than 100 visitors in atlanta during the 1996 olympic games. the security guard richard jewel was wrongfully accused of planting the bomb and a knapsack holding three bombs was left in the park at a gathering place for fans at the summer olympics. eric robert rudolph was convicted of the bombing as well as other bombings in the state of georgia. a live picture from atlanta where the low pill --
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olympicskick off in london thousands will go through multiple layers of security. they will be followed on every step by close circuit cameras monitoring public transportation and traffic throughout the streets. dining out is the first thing to cut back on when you are trying to save money. >> you think so. but if you want a good deal on a nice meal, we have an aidea. you want to check it out. the next flix membership has gone up. will you cancel the subscription? what the company says about your rising prices.
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now "good morning maryland" looking to enjoy the great taste in baltimore city. friday august 5th through the 14th is a good time to do it because that's the summer restaurant week in charm site. certain restaurants will offer three course meals at lunch and dinner at a fixed price. lunch is going to be 20 doll 20.11 and dinner is 35.11. if you want a list of the restaurants taking part in this summer's restaurant week head to our website. the complete list is at netflix suspect most subscribers will remain in the business. they have been flooded with complaints after announcing increases. >> the hike is scheduled to take effect in september. gas prices continue to climb and that has drivers look for other ways to get around instead of using the cars. scooter sales jump 36% from the
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beginning of the year in may. numbers are from the motorcycle industry council and two wheelers that can get 80 miles to the gallon. so while the average american pays 170 toars a month for gas, -- dollars a month for gas scooters are costing about 20 months a -- 20 dollars a month. go to our website and click on the traffic and gas prices tab and you can enter your zip code and find the gas station was the least expensive gas around you. tough check this out. s in a -- you have to check this out. s in a' 30-year shuttle program is being honored with a tributegood enough to eat on your toast. butter sculptures of an astronaut with the space shuttle were spread out at the ohio state fair. butter. >> butter. >> planning a trip to the nation's capital? >> if you are, there's a lot to do, but there's a healthy way to check out the sites around the city. >> reporter: i am sherrie johnson live in hampden where a early morning fire injured one person and sent some seniors
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running out of their homes. >> reporter: the ravens will hit the field for the first program. i am linda so. this year fans won't be able to watch as you have before. linda, we can watch this. satellite radar composit in the caribbean and cuba and mexico where can do you know and cos mel are -- cozumel are and we could watch tropical storm don. but if you stick around, we have new storm video from new england yesterday. that's coming up next. we have an accident 95 northbound at fort mchenry tunnel. what else is going on when "good morning maryland" continues. [ male announcer ] southwest is having a nationwide sale, with flights all over the country starting at only $59. as the nation's largest domestic airline,
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you watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." thanks for joining. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. this is your abc2 news to go and we begin with justin berk.
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>> check this out. all new have you hado -- video from massachusetts of the nasty storm that caused damage. you can see the funnel cloud in the upper right corner of the screen. this happened in western massachusetts late yesterday afternoon. right outside springfield, oh, you remember them? they had the big tornado that rolled through downtown caught on numerous video cameras with rain and wind brought down small branches and leaves and clogged gutters and flooded roads and caused lots of damage to homes and scared people who thought they had their fix earlier in the summer. but, obviously they have to fix a lot more stuff right now. let's bring it back home. we have had storm free conditions around here. that's good. but in towson, the big news here is the lack of weather. okay. the sun is coming up over the eastern sky a deep blue sky. the wind is out of the west northwest and dropped the humidity and dropping our temperatures. we slipped into the 60s in baltimore county. that's a beautiful thing. but now starting to ramp back upbecause the sun is coming up. officially 74 in baltimore at
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bwi marshal. 58 in erie, p.a. the cluster of cool weather that takes us to a gorgeous day today. doubt down south 70 -- down south, 70s. there's more of the heat and humidity. so enjoy what we have right now. the storm complex that blue through new england -- blew through new england is wrapping around that. and that's the one that drops the humidity. but as high pressure builds in and slides off the coast, what brings us great weatherity on the backside of that system. that's what we will get over the next couple days. enjoy what we have right now. you thought yesterday was night, it hit 95 and we had low humidity. today may bt first time in a week -- may be the first time in a week and for the next week we stay in the 80s. that would be a good thing because tomorrow humidity comes back with afternoon clouds and firing up storms in central virginia. and we could get an overnight
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shower. thursday night through friday morning, our computer model indicates that and that's a sign the mugginess and heat coming back in with a full -- a sign of the mowinginess and heat coming back in -- mugginess and heat coming back in. a little chop on the bay. and maybe a little chilly for the kids going swimming and getting out of the pool. even in that sunshine, that breeze could help really cool off your skin quickly. we will cool off quickly tonight. we should dip back into the 60s at least for most areas around baltimore. downtown by the bay and annapolis, you may hang in the low to mid-70s. we get back up tomorrow, quickly, to 95. that's the two degree gash teed high. and it -- guaranteed high and it looks like we will go up to 98 on friday with humidity. that means we may talk about heat advisories again. and we will keep it 95 over the weekend with overnight lows near 80. i know we just did this drill maybe not as hot as the the
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last heatwave but it will be humid and the chance of storms arescatter in the afternoon. peaking at 97 monday and drop off the middle of next week. before you drop the kids off, let's go to the roads with tanya. >> reporter: okay. good news for you starting out the inner loop disabled vehicle we had. 158 is gone. moving west 695 at wilkins, we are doing fine here. we have volume on the outer loop to the left with the oncoming traffic. no incidents to report here. in harford county, we have an accident 95 southbound before route 24 emmerton road. that's on the shoulder. 95 northbound at the fort mchenry tunnel a. accident in the right tubep that's bore four and an earlier accident at the jfx outer loop is there on the left shoulder. so be careful passing. stay to the right. we are standing by for new information about a fire victim injured during an early morning house fire that happened in hampden. this fire started before 3:00 this morning in the 3900 block of roland avenue.
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there's a map for the area we are talking about. that's where we find sherrie johnson live with new reaction and an update as to what happened. >> reporter: we have been in contact with bayview burn center throughout the morning trying to get a condition on the woman who was injured in this fire. so far they have not been able to provide that. we will keep checking in with them. but as you can see behind me, fire crews have left the scene. they have been out here since before 3 a.m. but they have left the scene. you can see a little debris left on the sidewalk. crews arrived here at 3917 roland avenue to find the middle of the group row home in flames. 24-year-old amy miller was home alone when the fire broke out. she was taken to bayview burn center with burns to her hand. the fire started on the third floor in the rear of the building. amy's family visited and waited outside as her pets were brought out unharmed. that fire broke out near the st. mar'y's rolling -- mary's rolling view towers which is a
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senior living facility. they were nervous the fire would spread to their building. >> around 5 after 3 i heard such a noise and heard a woman screaming mercifully and i got up and i knocked on my neighbor's door. you know, i have a looked out window and saw the smoke and the flames. >> reporter: so so far there's no word on a cause for this fire and investigators are looking into it trying to figure out what happened. if you want more information, log onto and we have pictures and we have raw video of the fire here. reporting live in hampden, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. we are hoping to get new information in a few hours ago a triple shooting that left three people dead before a house fire broke out in northeast baltimore. someone called 911 around 4:30 yesterday morning after hearing gunshots fired. officers showed up but they didn't go in. two hours later, firefighters had to show up and found three
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victims dead inside the home. the third person died at the hospital. >> i could be watching die-hard or having my surround sound on. does that mean police are going to breakdown my door when i watch hbo. >> i think they should have just went in. when you get a gunshot report, come on. if they have been shot how are they going to and he the door anyway? >> city police are investigating the initial response time of the officers. the head of baltimore's fire academy has been reassigned. move comes one week after an investigation into cheating at that academy. chief carter will be the head of the department's recruiting efforts. the fire chief denied it was a result of the cheating allegation that is an instructor handed students the scenario for a life saving practice exam. a 15-year-old girl is charged with shooting it would have men after they laughed at her. she plead guilty yesterday.
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arteesha holt was 14 at the time and shot jose gonzalez coreas. and another man. they laughed at her because she was so young. she is expected to be sentenced in september. des nateing news as result of that record -- des nateing news as a result of the -- des nate -- devastating news as a rut of the record heat. three people died because of that weather. state department of health says all three had previous health problems excay lated by the --escalated by the heat. we are getting news from elijah cummings. federal agents say the goal of the program was to track down drug cartel members. during yesterday's hearing, agents say they lost track of the weapons and many have turneup at crime scenes.
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an agent says he recognizes the growing problem in the mexico border in 2007. >> mexico is our neighbor, our ally and friend. yet u.s. weapons are arming the world's most violent and powerful international drug car tale teals costing the lives of 40,000 mexicans in the last four -- five years. >> we are told the guns relocated to tijuana by the time the phoenix based program started and we are told there was disbelief from agents when the whistle blowing came forward about the operation. the white house says osama bin laden's death raised the risk of antiamerican violence worldwide. they said americans should be aware of the possible terrorist threats, demonstrations and the possibility of violence against americans and said al-qaeda and other groups are planning attacks in europe, asia african and the middle east. the first cabinet ministers are expected to return to their
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offices in norway. anders breivik confessed to carrying out the bombing and a shooting of 67 people. prosecutors say they need more time. strauss-kahn's attorney says they hope by then prosecutors will dismiss the case. jury selection is underway in the trial of the playing met sex leader warren jeffs. more than 100 would be jurors say they know too much about the church leader to-- the death of amy winehouse put her back on the chart. her am bum reenters the chart at number 9. 37,000 copies have been sold in the united states in the last week. you looking for something fun to do? plenty in dc from visiting and monuments. visitors walk the sites and take bus tours. now latest trend is a running tour.
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every second saturday and sunday morning they hoapt host chitchat runs. >> our visitors in the mall is full of runners. and so as an avid runner i thought it would be a good opportunity to combine the langer -- ranger skills and programs to reach out to visitors. >> you can learn by the history and citizens while jogging through the city. training camp starts today for the ravens. it's the first time they will hit the field. linda so is here with what's different about the training camp. >> it was open to the public when it was held in westminster at mcdaniel college but this year they practice in owings mills which means you won't be allowed to stand on the sidelines. the team is hoping to open at least one practice to the public at m and t bank stadium. first preseason game is august 11th in philadelphia. players began to arrive yesterday for the first time since the 4-month lockout. and, of course, all eyes were on the four players who were
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released under the salary cap. there are reports the ravens might resign mason and heap at a lower salary n a few hours, the ravens will hit the field for the first day of training camp at owings mills and it won't be open to the public. linda so abc2 news. a team is work on a home powered by the sun. 20 teams from college and iewn tries designing and building -- and universities are designing and building solar homes. >> it collects as much water as possible and allows us to put solar panels on one roof and a green roof on the other. >> there's a lot of work to be done but the team from college park say they are ready to compete. >> one last check of the forecast. it's going to be warmish coming up. >> yes, but today, the coolest of the trend i put a question online about who's going to play hooky today.
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i am thinking from work and teachers started to chime in. teachers are ramping up working in the classroom and getting stuff ready. sorry kids, it's reality. you are less than three weeks away from going to school. 89 would be the first time for most of us in a week and maybe the first time for the next week that we stay in the 80s. but enjoy a beautiful day with low humidity and lots of sunshine. mid-# 0s tomorrow and near 100again on friday with the humidity that will bring in scattered afternoon storms. not a washout but the storms could produce heavy downpours and that threat continues through early next week of the scattered variety but the high heat 97 monday dropping to 91 on tuesday. those are my numbers hopefully not numbers on the roadways this morning. at least for the speed what do you got? >> reporter: i know. hopefully everybody is doing 55 or 65. we have an accident 95 south bound in harford county before
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24 and it's on the right. but be careful when you pass. at the fort mchenry tunnel, the right tube is closed due to an accident there. that's bore 4ch the left tube is open and you can get through. the earlier accident on the outer loop at jfx is on the shoulder now. and you can pass through there. delays should be dissipating. that's goose news. >> it is. >> i feel out of it. i am the only one without electronics. >> i have a keyboard now. >> i feel like impart of the group now. go there and check it out. we are on 24 days a week -- 24 hours day 7 days a week. [ cherie ] i wanted to make a difference in my community.
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[ kimberly ] the university gave me the knowledge to make a difference in people's lives. [ carrie ] you're studying how to be an effective leader. [ cherie ] you're dealing with professionals, teaching things that they were doing every day. [ kimberly ] i manage a network of over a thousand nurses. [ carrie ] i helped turn an at-risk school into an award-winning school. [ cherie ] i'm responsible for the largest urban renewal project in utah. [ kimberly ] and university of phoenix made it possible. learn more at
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